Another website build online! This week we launched – This campaign seeks the requirement by law of the installation of CCTV in care homes. The project is lead by our client Jayne Connery who became a campaigner for CCTV in dementia/care homes after her mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Upon entering the care system in 2011 until 2016, Jayne’s mum was failed in all three care facilities. In January 2016 Jayne took her mum out of the care system and back home. In those five years of witnessing preventable neglect towards, not only her mum, but many other vulnerable residents, she lays the blame directly at Care Service Providers who placed ‘profit over care’. Please do follow @jayne.connery for further information and if you are in support please upload a support selfie… More info on the website. Best of luck to Jayne and we hope the website helps to raise further awareness. #webdev #website #webdesign #dementia #carehome #cctv

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